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Communipedia is the wiki-styled online community where you can make and meet friends! This wiki is to be measured, not by number of articles, but instead by the amount of users!

Why must Communipedia be a wiki? Well what better way is there to have a social network? Wikis offer talk pages, forums, and a community portal too. These are ideal ways of communicating, and because of this, Communipedia can be made into an metaphorical "community" full of friendly and collaborative users!


The official guide to Communipedia!

According to the Pareto principle, only a few of the visitors to a wiki like Communipedia would actually contribute. One of Communipedia's goals is to involve as many people as possible in our wiki and it's talk sections. If you just happened to come across this wiki, please don't remain a lurker, join our community!

Unlike most wikis, Communipedia's function is not to serve as a knowledge base for a topic. Communipedia aims to connect people through the internet using the features of MediaWiki, the engine Communipedia is built on. Communipedia is similar to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and many other social networking sites, however, being a wiki, a user on Communipedia has many less restrictions on what he can do. After all, communication is what this wiki is all about! Conversations can be held on talk pages, the community portal or the forums.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for Communipedia, message Pikapi or another admin on his talk page.

Policies, Rules, and the Fundamental Readings of Communipedia
About · Administrators (Administrators' Reference Guide · Bureaucrats) Banning policy · Manual of Style · Privacy policy · Rollbackers · Sockpuppetry · Vandalism

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