In case you weren't previously aware, any signed in user can customize the way that they view each wiki individually by editing Special:MyPage/wikia.css. Please remember that any coding that you enter must be compatible with Oasis, not Monaco or Monobook.

For those of you whom are new to editing Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) pages, you may wish to read this outdated blog post, or use one of the pre-designed skins listed below.

List of pre-designed skin options Edit

In order to use one of the skins listed below, copy and paste the below code, while filling in the skin's name.

importScript('MediaWiki:<SKIN NAME>.css');

You may only want to see certain aspects of a skin. In that case, you may copy and paste specific lines of coding from the chosen skins. Lines of coding can be mixed, however, such should be done at one's own risk, as defects may occur.

Classic.css by PikapiEdit

Classic.css is the skin currently used by Communipedia's founder, Pikapi. It gets as close to Wikia's cherished, previous skin, Monaco.css as possible with the new look used by Wikia. It hides the sidebar and all of Wikia's spotlight advertisements from view, restoring roughly half of the content space. Classic.css' only downside is that it hides the search bar from view on most pages, and the Community Corner isn't viewable from the Special:WikiActivity|activity list]]. Hopefully, this will be fixed with it's next update.

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