Communipedia is a wiki, therefore, all users are urged to follow the standard wiki policy. Wiki policy can be changed or altered only by administrators, and unjustified tampering will often result in a block, depending on how serious the infringement is.


  1. Please do not create general pages on Communipedia. This may sound like a strange rule, but Communipedia is not a content wiki, it is a social network. If you wish to create a page, it must be listed under your own namespace. You may do this by beginning a page title with User:Example/, followed by the desired title.
  2. If you are not an administrator, you may not create any page under the headers Community Wiki:, Communipedia: or Project:. These are article spaces are designated for administrators only and often list site policy.
  3. Please take care for your works. In other words, if you are willing to create a page, please categorize it properly, and please use legible grammar.
  4. Whenever inserting pictures in "thumb" format, such as [[Image:Random.jpg|thumb]], be sure to add a caption like: [[Image:Random.jpg|thumb|left|Caption goes here.]].

Policies, Rules, and the Fundamental Readings of Communipedia
About · Administrators (Administrators' Reference Guide · Bureaucrats) Banning policy · Manual of Style · Privacy policy · Rollbackers · Sockpuppetry · Vandalism

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