Hello, Communipedians! The Community Portal is like the BIG talk page because what is written here isn't just meant for a specific user, everyone can see it and respond to your message. By adding a double header below, you are starting a new topic so if anybody still has anything to say about an old topic, they can list it under the old header. Everybody have fun!

Redesign projectEdit

In the title, I am referencing a simple operation to help keep Communipedia up-to-date. I know that Communipedia isn't yet quite active, but this is just an attempt to improve certain aspects of this site, such as the basic layout, as well as the user interface, in an attempt to adapt to Wikia's constant site updates. If you feel that you can help, or would like to make a suggestion, feel free to comment below! Happy editing! --
  Christopher Costello  Talk  Contribs  Community  Thursday, August 17 2017 (PST)  02:10, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

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